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Our oils are handcrafted by us and only us, Roma & Yaya. These oils are created to help aid you on your spiritual journey and manifesting your reality. The process of each oil being made is different depending on the purpose of the oil. All of our oils are worked over multiple times and left to steeped for months. All of our oils are made to order in batches, just to make them that much more personal. Each batch is worked over and then additionally blessed once put into 1 oz bottles. Prior to packaging, we spray all the bottles down with Florida Water. We take our process very seriously and aim to bring you the best quality. Some oils can be worn, bathed in, or used in your work. Below we will tell you which are appropriate for skin contact & which are not as well as how we like to use them. When applying these oils onto ourselves or our work, we like to "chant" or speak your affirmations that align with the oil. Add your own intention, make the process that much more powerful! 


*All oils that allow you to wear or bathe in them should be tested

on a small patch of skin first to ensure you are not allergic to any herbs or ingredients. 

Please do NOT apply to sensitive body areas. If irritation continues please discontinue use *


Regina George:

This was our first oil, ever. She is the face of RR oils. She is everything radiating lust, attraction, beauty, and bad b*itch energy! She is what you wear when you don't want to hear anyone say "no" to you. The ultimate Queen Bee.

Apply on neck, wrists, and inner thighs around your target or apply to be the center of attention in any crowd. 

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Body, Mind & Spirit:

This oil is intended to cleanse you of negative energy. It is for removing negative thoughts, negative forces, negative entities, negative people, or a negative environment. The more you use it, the more you'll be clear of that f*ck shit. 

Apply on temples for clarity or whichever area/chakra may need cleansing. Wear in public areas to keep yourself from absorbing negative energy

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Secure the Bag: 

This oil is intended to bring you blessings! Created to draw money, to draw financial growth, prosperity, abundance, promotions, job interviews, and to protect your finances. Wear on your hands, feet. anoint wallet, money, offerings, etc. 

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Evil Eye Oil: 

This oil is intended to keep the "evil eye" away from you. Whether it's jealous & shady people at work, to protect you from shade throughout the day, and to keep you from absorbing the energy of people wishing bad upon you. Keep your blessings protected!

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Sex Magic: 

This oil is intended to improve your sexual experiences. To create lust, passion, and ignite the sexual energy inside of you. Can also be used when working with actual sex magic/orgasm manifestation. Wear on your inner thighs, or neck area.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Happy Home: 

Intended to keep the peace in the home, to bring families closer together. To create happiness in a space, to bless a new home, to create family healing and help with generational curse breaking work. Set up a time in your home where you apply this oil onto everybody in the home's chests. (6 mo and older)

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Bad Ass W*tch: 

Intended to help induce self love within the self. To help you motivate yourself, encourage confidence, increase self esteem, and can also help with shadow work. Apply on to heart area, or for best results use in a Self Love Bath.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

The Supreme: 

This oil is Roma's personal power in a bottle. Can be added to ANY work to create force and help speed it up. For best results apply your own personal power into the bottle as well. You can apply with any oil and add to any kind of bath.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Talk to Me Nice: 

Intended to sweeten any situation to you. Can be used regarding finances, love life, platonic peers, and etc. Apply before heading to work where a boss or co worker may not be the nicest to you, or around your bae who is mad at you. Or you can even add to a money working to sweeten money to you!

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Block Buster: 

This oil is intended to bust down the barriers getting in-between your success and your goals. Apply to your more stubborn workings, or workings you know you may have blockages with. Recommended to apply to all workings to ensure a swifter fruition.


Fiery Wall of Protection: 

Meant to protect you from negative energy, negative people, and help keep you clear of attacks from negative work. Use in your protection workings, you should always follow up with one after a cleanse.


Spiritual Awakening: 

Intended to help assist you when using any divination tools, giving readings, speaking to your guides, speaking to your ancestors, to increase vivid/prophetic dreams. Apply onto the third eye area before bed, before readings, or before approaching your altars for clearer messages.

*wear, bathe, anoint*


This oil is intended to take the work off of you that was placed on you by another spiritual worker, and place it back on them. For reversal workings. 


Love Me: 

This oil is intended to create passionate love. To help you manifest commitment from your partner. To make them adorn you and want to spend more intimate and emotional time with you. Wear around your partner on your neck and your chest.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Come Here, Sugar: 

This oil is intended to help you attract a wealthy suitor. Can be used by sex workers to increase their tips and increase attraction. Can also simply be applied before going out to the bar if you want those drinks paid for! Apply to neck & inner thigh area for best results.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Till Death Do Us Part: 

Intended to create fidelity in a relationship. This oil can be worn by people who would like to move into the next step of the relationship with their partner, and get a proposal. It can also be worn by people who would like to spark their marriage back up, due to dullness. For best results, use in a working.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

Liquid Therapy: 

This oil is intended to help you with your shadow work and help unravel and reveal your traumas to you. This oil will push you to dig deeper. Can be worn in situations where you feel anxious, when doing shadow work, or when taking a healing bath.

*wear, bathe, anoint*

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