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About Us

Roma Remedies LLC is not only a brand, but also a lifestyle. it's a community. established in 2019.


The goal has always been to create a safe space for anybody who may feel like they need one. To help anybody on their journey of healing themselves- internally, externally, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To help those who feel like they want to break free from generational curses and setbacks. We aim to bring you spiritually infused products you can incorporate into your regular routine, while manifesting your every desire. Products that you can get to know and love. Products that help you tap into your higher self and healing. We want to make manifestation and health/wealth available for everyone regardless of how they look- regardless of what they're going through.


Brought to you with love, natural ingredients, our ancestors, plant allies, + magic. And always, led by spirit.

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