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white as snow

white as snow

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scented: lime zest + creamy coconut

limited edition


our limited edition holiday season cleansing candle is releasing this friday! as we get ready to start a new year, it's important that we ensure we are detoxing + releasing what no longer serves us. now is the time to circle back to inner work to make sure that blessings can find their way to you. intended for detoxing the body, mind + spirit. releasing emotional + mental burdens, releasing previous partners, releasing broken friendships, finding peace + clarity in these situations. this is the essential work to focus on before stepping into the road openings + the financial/love drawings. making sure you have the space to receive and that you are mentally + emotionally ready! each candle comes with juniper & an angel charm that can be kept on an altar after your burn or added onto a chain to wear for further protection.

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