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deluxe intimate cleanse & protect

deluxe intimate cleanse & protect

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*this version allows for me to purchase more expensive items & tools for your working! it's my recommended option, i believe that the better the offering to spirit- the better the results.


this spiritual offering is an intimate spiritual offering that is completed with just your energy & focus. unlike our community rituals, this ritual is all about your situation. two workings in one. the cleansing, will be intended to remove all negative intentions, negative ill, evil eye, stagnant energy, spiritual gunk buildup, and more. this is a cleanse for your body, mind & spirit. spring time is a great time especially to do spiritual cleansings as we are making room for new & bigger blessings. the protection, will be intended to protect your body mind & spirit. everytime you cleanse, you should follow up with a protection. this is to ensure that those energetic vampires, evil eyes, ill intent, negative energies, and etc will not be able to find their way back into your energy field as they were once able to. this is also intended to protect the blessings that will be coming in for you.i will be using various worked over items, fresh plants from the garden, flowers, our chickens eggs, and items from my altars.


after you purchase, please email with subject "LUCK" and in the body place your name, birthday, and what you are looking to gain from this working. i will get back to you within 72 hours of what i think we should focus the working on and your scheduled date for the working. you can expect an update on your working with photos/videos within 72 hours of completion. 

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