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obsidian face wash

obsidian face wash

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face wash



this foaming scrub is an extremely gentle exfoliating face wash that removes gunk and detoxes the skin! it contains key ingredients like charcoal to not only detox your aura, but your pores as well.  other ingredients include pumpkin seed + tamanu oil,  which are great for acne prone skin and fighting free radicals to help diminish scarring.

the scent is Tea Tree + Rosemary. the ultimate detox spiritually and physically! 

  • ingredients

    foaming bath butter, pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil, tamanu oil, charcoal, amla berry, tea tree oil, rosemary eo

  • use

    - use rr spoon to scoop some product out of the jar
    - damp your hands
    - apply on face in a circular motion
    - rise off with lukewarm water

  • shelf life

    4-6 months

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