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individual bloom service

individual bloom service

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 UNLIKE THE COMMUNITY RITUAL, THESE SERVICES ARE INDIVIDUAL! some people prefer their energy and work be completed alone, without the energy of others. this focuses the work in on your & your situation alone. each working includes a brief consultation via email. slot availability is 100% dependant on how many fresh sunflowers we have. each individual will get their own sunflower for the working. 


this working will be to sprout your business, profession, relationships (intimate, platonic), finances, spirituality and etc. you can petition any specific area of your life or be open for general growth. focused on extending your roots & strengthening your stems. sunflowers are the tallest plants in our garden. not only do they rise up to the top, above all, but they also have strong & stable stems to support them as they rise. 

example: if you petition your business/career you can expect to attract/draw clients/customers in (the right ones!), spark smart investments, and create success in your business! draw clients in/commissions. you can also petition a relationship to grow & strengthen. 


after purchasing email with subject INDIVIDUAL WORK and send me a brief message about what aspect of your life you would like to focus on for growth. i will respond back within 48 hours with what information i need from you, your scheduled working date, and what to expect. 

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