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golden brew

golden brew

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scented: spiced honey + tonka bean

bath brew



infused with our secure the bag + spiritual awakening spiritual oils. this brew is intended to assist in downloads for side hustles, businesses, jobs/careers, and all around financial creativity. not only will it draw that prosperity in but it’ll also help you enhance your creativity and your ideas to bring that financial success in! it’s also a reminder that YOU are the golden brew! when you brew with this bath envision yourself as the golden creation that your spiritual court and ancestors brewed up. you’re their golden brew! filled with fun embeds 

we went a more natural route and decided to dye most of the bath brews naturally! the golden brew is dyed with beet root powder which is rich in minerals and vitamins and more sensitive skin friendly than our regular pigments

  • Ingredients

    baking soda, citric acid, fragrance oil, sweet almond oil, RR evil eye spiritual oil, polysorbate 20, SLSA, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, isopropyl alcohol, batch certified water soluble dyes, glitter, mica powder. 

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