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cleanse & protect

cleanse & protect

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this is an individual service with two workings. the cleanse will come first, this working will be to remove negative energy, forces, & people from your life and energy field. this will work on any known AND unknown forces of negativity. cleanses are a form of spiritual hygeine and are mandatory to get the best results when we're manifesting. cleanses are known to remove spiritual gunk, build up & stagnant energy from out mind body & spirit. 


the second half is a protection, this working will lock in your cleanse & create a longer lasting clear energy field. protecting you from future negative energy, forces, & people. protection workings are known to be preventatives for constant evil eye, return to sender, & cleansing work. whatever energy we will be pushing out with the cleanse, the protection step will make sure it doesn't return.



please email with subject "cleanse & protect" after purchase

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