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taurus tales

taurus tales

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scented: english garden

bath brew with mystery crystal


intended to replicate the new moon. each bath brew comes with a mystery crystal that reveals a message. infused with the limited edition taurus touch oil & intended to bring you insight on ways to reach your personal goals, new opportunities, downloads, and uncover the path to stability. best to use before divination, bed, or after any financial work.


tree agate: it's time to confront your deepest fears, they're holding you back. the only way to heal & overcome them, is to allow them to come to the surface. what are you running from? this must be uncovered and handled before you can continue onto your success journey. use this crystal to ground yourself. 


moss agate: it's time to lean into balance, you may be taking on too much at once. this typically results in working harder and not smarter. take some time to ground yourself with this crystal to see the bigger picture, you're currently looking at a small one. releasing these burdens will help you get to the finish line. 


lapi lazuli: everything that glitters is not gold... this is not a time to get distracted by shiny things! this is a great time to lean into your intuition & spirit guides. if you haven't already, you will be presented many opportunities soon. this is great news, but remember the work you have done to get here. there is no need to circle back to old habits, patterns, or people. use this crystal to ground yourself in your goals & values as you make important decisions. 

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