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spellbook of recipes

spellbook of recipes

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limited edition ceramic ramekin / 9 oz

scented: blood orange, lavender, & crisp apple


an ode to our kitchen witches. a limited edition & cancer szn version of our divine portal candle. this candle is intended to take you through the portal & downloads of ways to use herbs, plants, flowers & medicinal items in ways your ancestors may have. as we’re in the blooming season, it’s extremely important to get familiar with the magic all around you. worked to open the third eye, create clearer communication/messages, help you align with your higher self, spark your crown chakra, heighten your intuition, ascend, + raise your frequency. burn this candle at any time or burn in correlation to a specific situation or working you need guidance on. in a limited edition ceramic ramekin that can be used after your burn! each candle will come at random with a lime, lemon, or orange revealing itself. to add to the message, you can see how the fruit you received can be used in your workings to come. topped with a slice of apple, beet root, mulberry & lavender. for best results, burn this candle: 
1) along side ANY working to get a download on what plant may be needed to increase the power in the working
2) when wanting to know what meals may be best for your body & the transitions it’s going through 
3) simply when in the kitchen/cooking for more love & healing to be infused 
4) as a divination tool

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