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sky is the limit

sky is the limit

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ritual bar. scented lily skies with notes of white lily, crisp cucumber, green tea, apple, eucalyptus, bamboo, and musk.


the sky is the limit ritual bar is intended to not only spark creativity but spark up the drive in you to bring your creations to life! our intuitive + psychic abilities working in harmony with our passion + determination. a combination and balance of both calls for an amazing breakthrough in a business, a project, or any career area. sometimes we have ideas that we just cannot fully bring to the surface, don’t know how to go about new projects or have blocks in our creative life. this ritual bar is here for you when you need it! a wonderful soap to pair with and use on the day of any better business, career, creativity, or spiritual awakening rituals. put your imagination and intuition together with your passion and drive and make the impossible possible with this bar! each ritual bar comes with a amethyst quartz 

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