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bath soak - 12 oz


RomaRuntz bath soak is infused with liquid therapy oil and considered a “hybrid” strain. the spiritual oil it’s infused with, is meant to mellow you out and put you in a state of relaxation, while the scent of pure lemongrass + peppermint essential oils are intended to refresh and rejuvenate you. made with h3mp seed oil**, matcha powder + spinach powder, this brew has amazing soothing, healing, moisturizing, and skin softening qualities. for best results, recite affirmations during your bath that assist in healing, self love, relaxation, and faith.


**does not contain THC or CBD. For external use only and cannot be ingested.

  • Ingredients

    Dead sea salt, matcha powder, spinach powder, hempseedoil**, liquid therapy oil, peppermint essential oil, & lemongrass essential oil.

    **does not contain THC or CBD. For external use only, cannot be ingested.

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