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repel candle

repel candle

Out of Stock

scented: citranella + camphor

limited edition vessel  / 8 oz 2 wick


our summer candle that is meant to repel all pests (in human, entity, or bug form) is officially back! this candle is great to use when you’re in need of space and/or avoiding somebody or something. even if you are not completely conscious of the fact that these are people or things that you need distanced from you! the main intention behind this candle is to expel any energy in your life that may not have the best intentions and/or your best benefit in mind. this candle can be used in many ways! not only will it generally banish + filter out certain energy from you, but it can also be used in more specific ways. if you have a neighbor that wont leave you alone, if you have an ex that keeps popping up and ruining new relationships for you, when you need to end an argument, getting rid of somebody that is just draining your energy, and more! one of my favorite special touches on this candle is that it’s outdoor practitioner friendly! not only will it repel spiritually, but we made sure to incorporate a scent that would be able to repel all pests! 

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