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peony blooms

peony blooms

Out of Stock

2-3 full blooms


completely & fully intact, can be used in its entirety or can be taken apart for the individual petals. grown, harvested, dried & packaged all in the same area. in spiritual work, these can be used for transformation, health, goodluck, longevity, protection against loss/ill intent, fertility & uncrossing work. i would recommend using it however you practice or feel comfortable.


i like to fully burn mine with a petition if i’m using fire or in a bath if i’m using water. these can also be added to jars, dug into the ground with other items, be added to uncrossing, fertility, protection, abundance, and so many more baths. each bag will come with 2 or 3 blooms, depending on size. this is a seasonal & limited edition item, again! peony season is over, i will only be offering the amount that i have. after they are sold, they won’t be back until next year.

  • warning

    not intended for consumption

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