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first bloom spiritual oil

first bloom spiritual oil

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2 oz dropper bottle

our FIRST BLOOM spiritual oil is officially an annual limited edition oil that will only return when the spring blooms pop up. (availability depending on harvests) this is the first oil that is not brewed for a 9 month period span, but instead is a “quicker” process which goes perfectly with the intention. filled with a variety of new blooms like daffodils, peony, rose, russian sage, common sage, lupine, clematis, pansy, violets, columbine, lilac, and MORE! the most beautiful part about this oil to me, is that every single flower + herb came from the garden. each flower tended to, harvested, dried, and blessed by ME! there is no middle man in this blend. from dirt to bottle, the energy in this bottle is unmatched. intended to do everything late spring is intended to do! awaken the motivation, aspirations, faith, self love, determination, strength, wisdom, ideas, and focus within. also created to draw new opportunities in while doing so! (and quickly) these blooms represent endurance and resilience, and are the first to come up in the warmer months.

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