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taurus touch spiritual oils

taurus touch spiritual oils

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2 oz dropper bottles. a new moon version of both body mind & spirit and secure the bag spiritual oils. these are blended with their original oil formulas and also the new moon in taurus blend. both created with different aspects of the new moon and the energy it could bring into your life. includes blooms that were picked on the day of the new moon, and are included in each bottle.


Body Mind & Spirit’s taurus touch is focused on bringing new and abundant energy into your life. as the original BMS formula clears out all stagnant energy, the taurus addition will assist in opening yourself up for new beginnings. working as a pair to clear out & draw in the biggest blessings throughout your body mind & spirit. this abundance is more focused on personal/physical success & wealth.


Secure the Bags taurus touch will be centered around luck, blessings, and abundance in the field of money, finances, business, and new opportunities. great to be used when planting seeds for new business ideas, applying for jobs, seeking new/more revenue, or wanting to expand your mind on financial opportunities. this blend is also great for seeking out financial opportunities that are more stable & intended to be long term.

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