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spiritual sprays

spiritual sprays



REPEL: intended to banish, repel & expel any negative energy. you can spray on yourself, your space or your office when in need of stagnant & harmful energy to remove itself from you or your space. for best results, use before stepping into unknown energy, before you allow unknown energy into your space, or when you know you may run into others who don't have your best interest in mind. can also be used as a regular bug spray!


BLOSSOM: blossom spray is best described as fresh + floral, reminding us of the seasonal change into the warmer months. intended to awaken every aspect of your life, and create new opportunities in them. scent is floral garden.


SHIELD:  our protection spirirutal spray is an extension of our "fiery wall of protection" oil and is intended to protect the energy, the self, and any space you decide to spray it in! use this spray in the work place where you may have negative coworkers or peers, at school, at home, anywhere! can also be sprayed on spiritual tools.


PURIFY: our cleansing spiritual spray. It is a extension of our "Body, Mind + Spirit" oil, and now you can take her with you everywhere and not only refresh and reset the energy on yourself but in any room + surface. This scent is a perfect mix of earthy and citrus notes. Intended to remove negative energies internally and externally, but also helping disinfect surfaces. Spirtz to gain clarity, reset your thoughts, or reset the energy in the room. scent: lemongrass, camphor, sage, peppermint



Inspired by our iconic Regina George Oil that was the start of it all! We love the scent of RG so much we decided to make her into a body spray. Infused with our oil and more essential oils to increase the scent and alluring energy that radiates when you wear RG. And as always, RG has wonderful internal properties just as she does external. I personally use her for confidence and to be fearless! I love this easy access and quick but powerful on the go manifestation!scent: ylang ylang, jasmine, rose



this spray is to be used + worn around your intimate partner or somebody who you may want to emotionally + intimately develop with, can be sprayed in rooms to invoke intimate energy. can be sprayed on the self to awaken love within the self and overall uplift + adore the self. scent is geranium + orange. 



Made with 2 of our spiritual oils, and one of them being an oil that is no longer sold. Soray this onto your candles, your wallet, your feet, your hands, your clothes, your body.. Where ever! If money flowing in had a scent.. This would be it. Made with cinnamon, jasmine, orange, + licorice root essential oils and is a beautiful gold + green shimmer color.



‘within’ is made with our liquid therapy oil and has a blend of lavender, neroli, orange + rose essential oils. i love to spray this on myself when i need some extra grounding, reflecting, or when i’m doing some shadow work. even spraying it on freshly washed bed sheets for a good nights rest, or using it as a room spray to help with distress + anxiety. 

scent: lavender, neroli, rose, orange



*all sprays are 2 oz*

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