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love potion

love potion


our “love potion” spiritual candle is intended to spark intimate passion and desire. can be used to attract a new love and/or amplify feelings of emotion/love that are already present. can be used on a target or can be used on the self (when attracting a new lover)


scented: blood orange

with notes of bergamot, grapefruit bitters, orange zest, neroli + cedar

13 oz, spiritually infused, + hand poured.

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    all of our products take 15 business days to process.

  • WARNING: Candle burning instructions

    VERY IMPORTANT: Please leave 1/4" of wax at the bottom! DO NOT burn past this point. The herbs we use in our candles will collect at the bottom and will catch fire causing the glass to combust.

    Please note: Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting to avoid black soot build up on the glass. The initial burn requires a 4 hour burn for an even melting pool.

    Burn within sight.

    Keep away from flammable objects.

    Keep away from children and pets.

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