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express-o bomb

express-o bomb

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scent: espresso martini 

11 oz


a limited edition version of our bulldozer spiritual candle. intended to bust down doors, blockages, obstacles, and anything in the way of you and your success (in the work, love, intimate, self, physical, emotional, and mental area) & quickly! block busters are one of the most slept on essential workings! sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from drawing desires in and focus on busting down whatever is holding you back from truly reaching that desire. if you don’t acknowledge and remove those blockages, chances are whatever you continue to draw in will be very limited in results or be very temporary! block busters help identify and target the root itself instead of applying a bandaid on a wound. scented Espresso Martini with notes of foam, caramel, cocoa, brown sugar, and dark roast coffee. 

  • WARNING: Candle burning instructions

    VERY IMPORTANT: Please leave 1/4" of wax at the bottom! DO NOT burn past this point. The herbs we use in our candles will collect at the bottom and will catch fire causing the glass to combust.

    Please note: Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting to avoid black soot build up on the glass. The initial burn requires a 4 hour burn for an even melting pool.

    Burn within sight.

    Keep away from flammable objects.

    Keep away from children and pets.

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